Profit Fix #3: How Many On-Site Work Orders Are You Missing Out On Every Month?

Enable your technicians and back office team to expand your accounts, serve them better, and do it all faster.

There’s a six-word sentence that makes fast food chains TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars every year. It’s a simple question aimed to turn EVERY food order into a bigger one.

The six magic words?

“Would you like fries with that?”

We know, it’s almost an afterthought now. We’re all used to fast food combos nowadays.

But there was some serious business genius behind whoever came up with it!

And the reason for this is…

The thing that unlocks the economic power of that simple question is that french fries can be added to an order and served FAST!

It wouldn’t work nearly as well if they had to wash, peel, cut, and deep fry the potatoes while the person is waiting, right?

So where are we going with this?

Well, we’re helping Field Service leaders embrace a similar philosophy. And we’re happily seeing a very nice bump in their work orders and revenue every month.

For Field Service companies, the equivalent of “the french fries question” is having a technician show up on-site, finish a job, and ask:

“Is there anything else I can take care of while I’m here?”

People can say one of two things:

1) “Duh! We’ve been doing that for years… It doesn’t work that well in this industry.”

2) “Ha!… Good luck getting my technicians asking for more work. They don’t care! They just want to get it done and leave!”

We hear you. So hear us out, ok?

Let’s talk about number 1).

The reason it hasn’t worked that well in the field service industry has to do with the same thing that unlocks the revenue on the french fries.


It hasn’t worked until now because of the simple question…

“Is there anything else I can take care of while I’m here?”

…comes loaded with a BUNCH of stuff that makes it SLOW, like:

Estimates take DAYS just to go out! Parts are not even loaded on the van, anyway. The dispatcher already assigned the tech to another job and has to leave.

The service manager knows this, the tech knows this, so they both settle with an under-par experience that doesn’t benefit any. The client learns to expect slow service and “live with it.” And work orders—with that sweet cash flow—leak out from field service businesses (in the 5- to 6-figure range) each month.

Now, about number 2). We’d argue that technicians don’t ask for more business because they know it’s a drag. It’s not that they’d rather be stuck in traffic, or don’t like those overtime hours, right? So what we do is enable them—and your back office team—to expand your accounts, serve them better, and do it all FASTER.


By giving you a dedicated team and a business process that ensures that:

✔ We embed the “french fries question” at the beginning of the Service Request process. That way, even if the technician forgets to ask for more business (or really can’t be bothered to do so), it still happens when the customer support agent talks to the customer.

✔ Estimates go out within 30 MINUTES while the tech is still on-site, the service manager is still around, and they both can agree on a new work order right then and there.

✔ Parts are properly audited. That way, there’s no need for multiple truck rolls. The tech has all that's needed to get another work order done on the spot.

✔ The dispatchers are “on board”. That way, the whole back office is aligned and plans work days accordingly.

This is all part of a new growth paradigm that we’re excited to bring to the Field Service industry. The traditional growth model of always adding more clients, more techs, and more truck rolls is becoming harder and harder to execute. A lot of businesses are closing down, techs are in high demand, and each extra truck roll costs precious dollars.

Instead, we’re complementing this growth model with one focused on increasing revenue per truck roll AND revenue per technician.

We’re already helping industry leaders adopt this model and would love for you to be next. After processing around ONE MILLION work orders over the last three years, we can quickly assess where Field Service businesses have profit leaks.

And today, we’d like to offer you a run-through of our “Profit Score” Quiz. This deceivingly simple quiz can point to areas in your business that could be leaking hundreds of thousands of dollars (and sometimes millions) every year. It also gives you a score that helps you benchmark your profitability compared to other Field Service companies.

Take the Profit Score Quiz here

We could be asking for a decent fee just to let companies take it. But, if you’re reading this, we want you to take it for FREE.

Just comment below or send us a message if you’re open, and we’ll make it happen. We’re looking forward to speaking with industry leaders like you!

Yassin Shaar

Chief Growth Officer



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