From Trash to Cash

Recovering 6+ Figures In Sales Revenue Within 90 Days
Without Paying For Advertising

Wednesday, June 8th, 2022 11AM (EST) / 10AM (CST)

After running a simple win-back campaign for one of our biggest partners, we recovered up to $200,000+ in newfound revenue within 90 days without paying for advertising.

Two team members, an inactive customer list, and a simple campaign flow—just the three things you need to restart multiple six figures’ worth of relationships and recurring work orders.

In this 30-minute Executive Briefing, we’ll be showing you how you can recover revenue from an inactive customer list—a wildly underutilized asset by most field service companies.

RESERVE your seat for our Executive Briefing Session now and get access to the exact process flows, phone scripts, and email sequences we use to win back hundreds of thousands of dollars from inactive costumers.

Join Origo’s Director of Client Success, Paul Dove, and discover:

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Paul Dove

Director of Client Success, Origo BPO

Yassin Shaar

Chief Growth Officer, Origo BPO