Why do Australian companies consider offshoring to the Philippines

There are many reasons why Australian companies consider offshoring to the Philippines. Aside from highly skilled and available workforce, the Philippines is on the verge of becoming Asia’s Fifth Tiger. The country has  a mix of culture, history, and rich tradition that’s infused with a Western influence. Its cultural affinity with Western customs along with its strategic location has made it one of the most ideal offshoring destination not only in Australia, but also in the world. The cultural compatibility ensures that outsourcing companies can direct, coordinate and communicate without a problem . Filipino employees work the same hours as well and show remarkable work ethics, while retaining their humble demeanour. Moreover, it is complemented by a hospitable population, awesome tourism and a stable, thriving economy.

Offshoring to the Philippines due to Business Opportunities

There are many business opportunities in the Philippines. This is why both local and international companies have established themselves in the said country because it has a good reputation of being a thriving business hub. It has a good infrastructure with a sufficient number of resources and access to highly trainable employees.  Many Australian companies know that working with the Filipino people can provide them with the widest professional opportunities. This is why many of these companies travel to Manila to find the best outsourcing provider for their services or business.

Reliable and Fast Digital Connection

The Philippines is known to have an impressive telecommunications infrastructure in Asia. Philippine Long Distance Company (PLDT) has enhanced the country’s internet connectivity to guarantee efficient communications throughout any offshoring operations. Way back  in 2013, Telstra Global collaborated with PLDT to deliver (EPL) Ethernet Private Leased circuits to the country. This is why Philippines was included in Telstra’s growing list of EPL enabled countries.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Basically, there are 5 basic skills which are required from any aspiring bpo professional. And these include:

  • Effective communication skills (oral and written)
  • Critical Thinking skills
  • Adaptability
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Team Player

The Philippines continues to elevate the performance of its pool of highly skilled professionals by adding or incorporating the above mentioned qualities to its population. They do this by investing a lot in education and training of technical skills. Reputable colleges and universities here, develop huge numbers of qualified candidates and support the government agencies in enhancing and promoting the much needed skills and ongoing professional development.

Lower Costs

India may be considered as  the top BPO country offering the lowest rates, but if you will consider the outsourcing advantages we mentioned above, it’s clear that offshoring to the Philippines is still the best choice. Australian companies operate less than 50% of onshore costs here.  No wonder, the Philippines is considered as one of the most cost competitive destinations for outsourcing services, especially IT-BPO industries.

Offshoring to The Philippines: Australian Companies’ First Choice

Other countries which offer business process outsourcing services include India, Thailand, and China. However, the Philippines is the first choice for many, including Australian companies such as Telstra, Macquarie, ANZ, Jetstar, Salmat, and Comscentre.

This is due to the fact that Philippines has established itself as a legit choice of destination in a competitive global environment – it is one of the most cost competitive destinations for BPO services, especially IT. The English language level of the workers here is excellent too. In fact, when Global English conducted a study regarding (BEI) Business English skills worldwide,  the Philippines ranked one of the highest on their list, achieving a score of 7.1 (10 being the highest). They easily beat their competitors, India only achieved a score 5.5 (BEI), China got 4.4 (BEI), while Malaysia got 6.0 (BEI).

It’s a no brainer really. Why? Simply because the  Philippines was governed by the United States for several years until they achieved independence in late 1900’s. This is the main reason why English was used widely in the Philippines.  Education also played a huge factor. It is a high priority in the Philippines. The education system in this country has been modeled after the United States. They have converted to the program of K to 12 recently so that their early learners would get a fantastic opportunity for better education. Also, many colleges and universities here offer specialized courses and training that helps the students to communicate to foreign clients, learn how to do perform outsourced jobs, and provides them with the skills needed to be very valuable to any countries offshoring to the Philippines.

Advantages of Offshoring to the Philippines

Many Australian companies offshore their office jobs to the Philippines due to its strategic geographical location and similar time zone to Australia:

  • The Philippines has the same time zone with Western Australia
  • It’s only four (4) hours behind the New Zealand
  • It’s only two (2) hours behind the (AEST) East coast of Australia
  • Also, it will only take 7.5 hours to get to the country from Melbourne by plane.

Final Thoughts

The Philippines is an excellent choice to outsource your business processes.  Their hospitality is second to none and you will feel very much welcome even on your first client visit. If you know the articular aspects of this country along with the cultural intricacies that are distinctly unique, for sure that you will gain a better understanding of who they are and what make Filipinos great to engage with.
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