Software Outsourcing to the Philippines

Software outsourcing has been around for years and while it may be a little late to the party, the Philippines has shown remarkable growth in this industry in a relatively short space of time. In fact, software outsourcing to the Philippines has become an essential component to the success of many companies. Through outsourcing, these companies are better able to develop better software, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Why software outsourcing to the Philippines can be good for your business

Outsourcing software development to the Philippines has proven to be very successful for many companies around the globe.  With the modern economy driven by innovation and modernisation, software companies need to maintain their competitive edge in order to stay relevant. One technique is outsourcing development to the Philippines. According to several sources, the Philippines is currently ranking as one of the top software outsourcing destinations in the world:

Here is a list of reasons why the Philippines has become one of the primary destinations for software outsourcing in the world:

  • Fluency in English: Filipino IT professionals are known to speak English very well.
  • Cost Reduction: The Philippines offers competitive outsourcing rates. This helps companies cut costs in hiring and maintaining software development teams.
  • Efficiency:  When companies outsource their software development tasks and functions, they’re able to get their product on the market faster than their competitors.
  • Talented IT Professionals: The Philippines is home an impressive number of IT professionals.
  • Flexibility: Companies are able to spend more time on projects like recruiting, training, housing employees, and more.
  • Focused Strategy: Outsourcing helps companies develop a focused strategy, giving them a competitive edge in the IT market.
  • Compliance: An automated compliance system reduces the need for human follow-ups in business processes.
  • Accuracy:  Filipinos are known to deliver accurate results in less time.

Some Additional Reminders:

Once you have chosen your software outsourcing partner or provider, it is important that you discuss your goals before starting your project or signing a contract. You may also want to check if your outsourcing provider uses the best industry practices with regards to software development and that they are compliant with regulatory local and/or international guidelines. You should involve them in all phases of your project, from analysing your requirements, to choosing the best strategy, determining your new business processes and choosing technologies. Your software outsourcing partner should be knowledgeable in development methodologies such as Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, and Prototyping and be able to demonstrate proven development IT frameworks that focus on delivering user-driven solutions while minimising risks to your business.