Origo BPO Hires Only Experts

Origo BPO is your trusted partner for offshoring to the Philippines. Why? Because they hire only experts. The company believes that you deserve to have highly skilled professionals or experts, that with your help, will become your secret arsenal in producing the quality results that you deserve.

By hiring experts with a proven track record, you’re guaranteed that you have the right profile or candidate that you need. They fully understand how expensive it is to hire the wrong, that’s why choosing the right person is a must because it can literally bring you the best ROI you may have ever experience.

Origo BPO knows that to have a successful business it is not enough to just have a stand-out product or service, true success means having a talent pool of stellar people. Any business owner knows that it can be difficult to keep these team members, especially in the BPO industry, that’s why there are few things that we do that will incentivize our highly skilled professionals to stay whilst maximizing their potential.

We Get to know them

Building personal relationships with our team members is, for us, the best way to ensure that they feel heard. We listen to their needs and ask what matters most to them. Then we figure out what growth looks like in their eyes. We always keep the dialogue open and informal because it can create an environment where our team members’ personal and professional goals meet. A+ team members are usually the ones that break the mold, that is why we take the time to fully understand what makes them unique and develop steps to amplify their strengths whilst overcoming their weaknesses.

We Offer Flexibility

For our team managers, we know that it can be tough to be entirely hands-off, that’s why we give them a little bit of freedom so they’d be able to find ingenious ways to keep his or her staff happy and motivated. We offer them training and guidance, and we make them feel trusted so they’ll be confident that they’ll succeed. All these small things can bring something valuable to the table that you hadn’t imagined.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” – Steve Jobs

In the outsourcing or BPO industry, this approach is more than a motivator for our team members, it serves as our key to success. Freedom gives our A+ team members the opportunity to do what they do best: impress our clients!

We Are Willing to Compromise

For us, goals are like moving targets, especially for our most driven team members. Our goal is to make sure that our managers keep a tab on the evolving personal and professional goals of their stellar team members. We train them so they’ll know how to cater to these evolving needs while doing their managerial tasks and what’s best for our clients. We make sure that our managers realize the importance of our business goals and their team members’ goals, and they should be aligned. When it’s clear they differ, they must act or find a compromise as long as it doesn’t hurt our business in the process, or in the long run.

In the end, keeping a strong working culture that allows our core team members to develop, grow, and be heard, is vital to success for any business. That’s why we always put our ears to the ground and keep on listening.

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