Importance of Transparent Pricing Model in Outsourcing

Effective pricing is an important element of any business relationship, seeking success long-term wise. The success or failure of any outsourcing relationship can often be found in the pricing model of the contract. Having a transparent pricing model provides a solid foundation for the future relationship and can provide a huge impact on the entire lifecycle of the business engagement.

Unlike other outsourcing companies, we utilize upfront and transparent pricing grids. Because we believe, that in the BPO market, our buyers shall various pricing models explained. We make sure to help our clients understand why the proposed pricing model should be selected. All the associated costs will be communicated upfront and with the long-term business relationship in mind. Our approach helps in reducing drawn out negations in the future, and help ensures a trusting relationship from the start until the project ends. Origo BPO’s transparent pricing model will show you exactly what you are paying for.

Origo BPO’s Transparent Pricing Model

Origo BPO enables businesses to have their own dedicated employees in the Philippines. Our transparent pricing model offers guaranteed value in outsourcing.

We know that procuring a service or comparing RFP responses is a daunting task because the pricing is all over the board. And, in most cases, some players bid low but they have hidden costs or they add costs later. Origo BPO’s promise is that our clients only pay for what they need and where the is value delivered. Our pricing is value driven and everything is explained on how it is derived. All of the services and deliverables that we offer are well defined so there are no questions asked or surprises later.


Consulting is based on a flat rate tied to a specific goal. Rates may change based on your needs or on the specific projects that we assess and/or manage.

Project Work

Our project work is solely based on a unit cost approach. Meaning, there are no hidden costs or additional costs on projects where our clients don’t always know what to expect.

Continued Support

Our dedicated and continued support model is all-inclusive and specifically designed to deliver the scope of work assigned. Everything can be done on a per location basis given the scope of work. Other rates can also be discussed for small or large business portfolios where scale makes it more logical.

For more information on Origo BPO’s Transparent Pricing Model or if you want to get a custom quote, feel free to contact us today.

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