How United Service Technologies Achieved Same-Day Invoicing and Increased Their Monthly Cash Flow by Six Figures.

The Company

Servicing supermarket hot-side equipment since 1995, United Service Technologies has a proven track record of providing quality service, from equipment installation to maintenance to repairs. The company’s expertise in food equipment service stems from its knowledge of multiple brands of appliances and equipment and a roster of highly skilled technicians.

UST provides one-stop service for all commercial food equipment needs, reducing a commercial kitchen’s downtime and allowing them to serve their customers with little to almost no delay.

The Challenge

Invoices were taking five to seven days (sometimes even
WEEKS) to get sent out. Because of this, many invoices were being disputed and were being paid late. 

Disputes were taking anywhere from 12 to 21 days to get resolved, resulting in an average of 50 rejected invoices a month.

The Solution

With a remote team based in the Philippines, United Service Technologies is now able to release invoices within 30 minutes, right after the technician updates the work order status to “completed”.

Legitimate errors in freight charges, taxes, parts, warranties, etc. are also resolved on the same day, not weeks after!

The Result

If you’re looking to streamline your invoicing process, avoid disputes, and repair your cash flow, schedule your free “Profit Score Quiz” session now!

Find more details about this case study in this short video

of Rodger Smelcer, Team Leader and Co-founder at

United Service Technologies.

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